I do advise in the true sense of the word: I support you in a very close and trustworthy manner on your path to success. As part of your team. I provide feedback, challenge and develop creative strategies with you. For that, I am contributing my extended experience, innovative approaches from international projects, a far-reaching partner network and my ability to mobilize people. Thus, you win precious time to leverage opportunities faster and overcome roadblocks in a pragmatic way. Sustainable change will come with that and this will ensure success. Because it comes from within, not from outside.

I do partner with the best to provide appropriate solutions for your benefit. My mature and global network is available to staff specific capabilities needed to get the job done.

Benefit from our services:

Digital Transformation

Platform companies challenge your existing business models and ecosystems. Many business leaders have formulated their vision of the digital future and started to transform. However, is your company, is your technology, is your team ready for that?

With our experience of building and running massively scaling real-time platforms on a global scale – we are here to help and guide you and your team through your Digital Transformation:

  • Digital Customer Experience – digital only, mobile first, secure
  • Digital Technology Strategy – massively scaling, agile, independent, secure
  • Transformation Roadmap – what to do when, how, with whom
  • Development of your technology leadership and expert team – professional, proactive, productive

Case Study

How did Roehn Management Consulting support Reliance Jio to build a digital platform for India and to win 100 million customers in six months.
Case Study

Business Development and Turn-Around

You have been successful in driving your digital business to growth and now you want to reach the next level? Your business used to be so successful, but now faces major growth issues?

We understand technology businesses and we know how buying decision are being taken within your customer base. With our experience in growing startup companies and larger technology businesses – we are here to help and guide you on your path to growth:

  • Competitive Growth Strategy, especially in B2B and B2B2C markets
  • Partnership Strategy to broaden offerings in a fast manner
  • Assisting you and your leadership team to focus and overcome growth barriers

IT Strategy und IT Transformation

Never ever has been the role of IT and Technology been more radically changing than today. This gives us many mind-blowing opportunities as well as massively threatening challenges. Amongst all of them is the need to constantly transform, re-new, re-build, sunset your IT assets. And to leverage your partner’s strength rather than “managing vendors”.

With RMC’s more than 25 years’ experience in constantly transforming IT in large corporations on a national and global scale our expertise is unique and comes from practical experience, not from theory. With our latest references for optimizing large outsourcing relations, assessing the merger strategies for applications, transforming large IT organizations and building up a completely new organization and IT stack from scratch we are here to help you in:

  • IT Strategy
  • IT Enabled Business Strategy
  • IT Transformation Roadmap
  • Partner Optimization / Outsourcing restructuring
  • Developing IT leadership team
  • Interim CIO/CTO management

Effective Security of mission-critical Data

Security has moved out of the corner of “IT Security” into the center of customer needs in the digital business. It also is an important concern for all CxOs in every company in any industry. Securing your mission-critical data of customers, IP, R&D etc. has become key to stay ahead of competition. Mastering CyberThreats, internal fraud, preventing data leakage need the right strategy to categorize your data, to implement the appropriate governance and organization and to build the technological foundation. And if you are offering digital products in any kind – security must be built in “by design”.

We went through the “heat” by transforming a large global organization from within after a major security breach. The company nowadays is a benchmark in effectively securing customer data. We have helped building a large technology startup with the mindset of “security by design” just recently. So, we are here to help you with:

  • Data Security Strategy
  • Information Security Governance (From board level to technical level)
  • Information Security Practice and Ramp-up
  • Security-Assessments
  • Board and Executive Awareness